07 Nov Should You Use a Realtor to Help With a Lease Renewal?

TimetoRenewImage-smThe very short answer is, yes, absolutely! Just as you would not walk into a courtroom or a complex legal negotiation without a lawyer, you should never try to renew or renegotiate a commercial lease without a qualified real estate broker on hand to help you through the process. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
Many facets of a lease renewal can be negotiated to your benefit or to your detriment. Your real estate broker has the knowledge and experience to make sure you get the best possible terms and deal.

Here are some reasons you may not have thought of, for enlisting the help of a commercial real estate broker before your lease is even up for renewal.

Renewing a lease does not mean just signing for an
extension of the one you have now. Many changes can be
put into a new lease based on the current market and your situation.

A broker can help you shop around, as desired, to find
property that is best suited to your needs and for the best possible monthly payment.

When you have a broker working with you, your current
landlord will know that you are serious about getting the
best terms. He or she will be motivated to fight for your renewal.

A broker will know the current market, lease availabilities and costs.

A broker will sort through other lease possibilities with you, helping you decide which will best suit your current needs.

Your landlord will, more than likely, have far more experience negotiating these kind of deals than you have.

The most important reason to have the assistance of a real estate broker when it’s getting time to renew your lease is that the right broker is your friend, your teammate, your advisor and your ally. That broker will always have your best interests in mind. You may not have the experience to remain aware of all the possibilities both negative and positive when it comes to renewing your lease. A commercial real estate broker will have that experience as well as knowledge of the current scene. Make use of that experience and knowledge. It will make a huge difference in the terms you agree to when it comes to signing on that dotted line.

Whether you are renewing a lease or interest in buying, selling or leasing in the Northeast Los Angeles area, give me a call and I can help guide you through the process and help you avoid the pitfalls and errors that are a natural part of lease renewals and other real estate transactions.

“Let us help you make an informed real estate decision on your next transaction. Whether you’re buying, selling or thinking of leasing commercial space or just have a few questions that need immediate answering, give us call.   We are here to help you make the right move”.

Mike Tolj (323) 258-4946

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