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Tolj Commercial Real Estate, a licensed real estate broker providing real estate consulting services in Los Angeles, California, periodically aims to clarify the nature of our services and their associated limitations. We kindly request that you thoroughly review this disclaimer before considering the use of our consulting services:

Nature of Consultation: Our real estate consulting services are intended to provide general guidance, information, and advice pertaining to real estate matters. It’s important to underscore that we do not offer legal, financial, or professional advice. Any information shared during consultations or through written materials is strictly for informational purposes.

No Guarantee: While we make every effort to offer accurate and up-to-date information, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information provided. Real estate markets are dynamic and subject to rapid change,
necessitating independent verification and corroboration of the information we provide.

Licensed Professionals: It’s crucial to recognize that we possess a real estate broker’s license, but we are not qualified as attorneys, accountants, or other licensed professionals. For specific legal or financial aspects related to your real estate
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Limitation of Liability: Tolj Commercial Real Estate disclaims any responsibility for errors, omissions, or actions taken based on the information or advice provided during consultations. We shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental,
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Legal Compliance: Ensuring that your utilization of our consulting services complies with all applicable laws and regulations within your jurisdiction is your responsibility.

By choosing to engage in our real estate consulting services, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended, and agreed to this disclaimer. If you disagree with these terms, we kindly request that you abstain from using our services. Should you have any inquiries or reservations regarding this disclaimer, please do not hesitate to contact us before proceeding with our consulting services.