Finding Startup Office Space in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is an incredible place to launch and grow a business. As one of the world’s creative and entrepreneurial epicenters, LA attracts visionaries chasing all kinds of startup dreams. But the excitement of birthing a business can distract from practical steps—like finding the perfect office. Without the right workspace, even the most disruptive ideas risk fizzling out.

So if you’re a startup founder searching for office space in LA, let me lend you a hand! With over 18 years of navigating SoCal’s commercial real estate terrain, I’ve helped dozens of early-stage ventures put down workspace roots. Here’s my comprehensive guide to finding startup office space in the City of Angels that aligns with your vision and accelerates your success.

Key Takeaways

  • Evaluating your startup’s spatial requirements and ideal location are crucial first steps
  • The Best Coworking spaces in Los Angeles offer flexibility and community, while traditional offices provide more control
  • Weigh factors like budget, growth goals, and amenities when touring potential spaces
  • Leverage incentives and tap into LA’s startup ecosystem to find the right workspace fit

First Things First: Define Your Startup’s Spatial Needs in Los Angeles Tech Hub

Before touring a single property, get crystal clear on your ideal office scenario. Key aspects to consider:

Location of Office Space in Los Angeles Coworking Capital

For optimal productivity and work-life balance, prioritize locales near:

  • Public transit hubs
  • Trendy cafes and restaurants
  • Lounges and green spaces

Square Footage Options for Flexible Office Space

Calculate your spatial requirements to house:

  • All team members
  • Equipment, supplies, and product inventory
  • Events, meetings, and future growth

Configuration for Renting in Los Angeles

Decide if you need:

  • Open coworking space to mingle with other entrepreneurs
  • Dedicated desks for your tight-knit crew
  • Fully private office suites

Budget for Everything You Need

Determine how much you can allot towards:

  • Rent + operating expenses
  • Parking arrangements
  • Office amenities and services

Coworking or Traditional Space: Weighing the Key Differences

New ventures often debate between flexible coworking spaces or more traditional multi-year leases. How to decide?

Consider coworking if you:

  • Crave community and collaboration
  • Prefer month-to-month commitments
  • Have dynamic team size and workspace needs

Go for traditional space if you:

  • Prize privacy and control above all
  • Have stable headcount and spatial requirements
  • Are ready for longer-term leases (3+ years)

Many startups begin in coworking spaces, and then “graduate” into conventional offices down the line.

Finding Startup Office Space in Los Angeles

Top Coworking Contenders in the LA Area

If after weighing the pros and cons you determine coworking fits your startup best, Los Angeles teems with stellar options catering to early-stage ventures.

Below I highlight a few favorite LA coworking spaces for entrepreneurs on the rise:

Coworking SpaceHighlighted Perks
WeWorkMultiple LA locations (<10 to 500+ person teams), sleek design, networking events
BlankspacesOpen coworking, dedicated desks, micro-offices, meeting rooms, community events
Cross Campus4 LA locations, wraparound balconies, phone booths, fitness classes
IndustriousUpscale boutique feel, complimentary beverages, unlimited printing

And those represent just a tiny sample—LA hosts 100+ stellar coworking havens!

Key LA Neighborhoods to Anchor Your Startup

Beyond individual spaces, prioritize neighborhoods that spark success.

Top districts to scout for startup office space include:

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is known as the heart of LA’s Silicon Beach tech scene, and for good reason. This coastal neighborhood is brimming with venture capitalists who are eager to connect with emerging startups like yours. By setting up shop in Santa Monica, you’ll have the chance to rub elbows with potential investors and collaborators who share your passion for innovation. The area’s laid-back, beachy vibe is just an added bonus that can help keep your team inspired and motivated.

West Hollywood

If you’re looking for a central location with a chic vibe and swanky amenities galore, West Hollywood is the place to be. This neighborhood is frequently by digital media and e-commerce ventures, thanks to its stylish atmosphere and top-notch facilities. From trendy coffee shops to sleek coworking spaces, West Hollywood has everything you need to impress clients and keep your team firing on all cylinders.

Downtown LA (DTLA) 

For startups that want to be in the thick of the action, Downtown LA (DTLA) is a perfect choice. This historic district is home to the city’s business and financial nucleus, but it’s also undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Alongside the iconic architecture, you’ll find a growing number of modern coworking spaces and a thriving networking scene. DTLA is the ideal spot if you want to make your mark in the heart of the city while tapping into a rich pool of resources and connections.

Culver City

Culver City has emerged as a resurgent creative hub that’s popular with tech innovators and industrial design startups alike. With heavy hitters like Apple, Amazon Studios, and Sony Picture Studios calling this neighborhood home, you’ll be in good company. Culver City’s unique blend of creativity and tech-savvy makes it an ideal spot for startups looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Plus, the area’s vibrant culture and growing list of amenities make it a great place to work and play.

Finding Startup Office Space in Los Angeles

Additional Evaluation Criteria for Your LA Office Quest

Beyond spatial requirements and location, keep these factors in mind when touring potential spaces:

  • Amenities & facilities: High-speed broadband, video conferencing, parking spots, flexible lease terms
  • Incentives & Support: Many LA neighborhoods offer grants, subsidies, and small business programs
  • Growth trajectory: Ensure your office accommodates future needs like additional headcount and inventory

And don’t just take guided tours—make sure to chat up current members about perks, peak occupancy times, and their startup experience!


What’s the best way to determine how much space we need?

When calculating square footage, get generous with current staff size, inventory storage, and growth projections. Nothing sinks morale faster than a cramped workspace! Consider short-term flexible leases while determining long-term spatial needs.

Should early-stage startups invest in virtual office addresses to project legitimacy with clients?

A prestigious business address goes a long way even if you primarily operate remotely! Many coworking spaces provide virtual office tiers that still connect you to their wider community.

How can we ensure our intellectual property stays protected while working amongst other companies in coworking spaces?

Vet membership policies—many spaces allow private electronic access codes for dedicated teams. Seek out coworking spots catering specifically to startups vs. independent contractors.

What are the key locations across Los Angeles where I can find office space?

You can find office space in key locations across Los Angeles, including downtown, West Hollywood, and other areas where coworking spaces like WeWork and Industrious have established their presence.

How can I collaborate with other professionals in a shared workspace in Los Angeles?

You can collaborate with other professionals in a shared workspace in Los Angeles by taking advantage of the networking events, communal areas, and collaborative environments offered by coworking spaces and shared office spaces.


Begin by defining your startup’s foundational spatial, budget, and location needs. Then lean on commercial real estate experts with deep LA market connections to shortcut your search. They can convey insider tips from similar ventures while arranging tours tailored to your priorities.

Well, I don’t know about you, but my fingers are cramping from sharing so many LA office space secrets! Hope this intel helps you narrow your priorities and find a workspace that fuels your startup’s vision. Wishing you wild success wherever you ultimately put down professional roots in our wonderful city!

If you’d value an experienced LA commercial realtor as a partner in your office quest, schedule a consultation with me to chat one-on-one! I offer swift, streamlined support securing spacious, modern workplaces across Los Angeles designed to uplift startups on the rise. Let’s connect!

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