Commercial Property Safety Measures

As an experienced commercial real estate broker with over 18 years in the industry, I deeply understand the importance of protecting your valuable property assets. When representing landlords and investors, I always emphasize best practices for security to safeguard their investments and also provide safe environments for tenants.

Implementing comprehensive safety measures to protect is crucial, but I know it can feel overwhelming to property owners and managers, especially when managing multiple locations. By taking a systematic approach focused on prevention and preparedness, you can effectively secure facilities against risks like break-ins, vandalism, and theft. In this article, I’ll walk through the most vital steps all owners should take when developing safety plans for their commercial spaces.

Key Takeaways

  • Conducting regular risk assessments is crucial for identifying vulnerabilities in commercial properties.
  • Installing surveillance systems and access controls limits unauthorized entry and deters criminal activity.
  • Creating emergency preparedness plans and conducting safety drills prepares occupants for potential threats.

Securing Your Commercial Property: Vital Steps Every Owner Must Take

Crime Rates Necessitate Security Measures

With violent crime climbing by 12% in US cities according to recent statistics, commercial property owners truly can’t afford to neglect safety. Shocking increases were documented specifically for murder, rape and aggravated assault. While urban areas tend to be most vulnerable, suburban and rural locales witnessed a 4% uptick as well.

These sobering trends highlight why taking proactive measures to secure your properties is so vital currently. Your tenants deserve peace of mind knowing you’ve made their well-being a top investment priority.

In this article, I’ll walk through the most vital steps all owners should take when developing safety plans for their commercial spaces.

Conduct Regular Risk Assessments

The first critical component that serves as the foundation for any security strategy is conducting thorough risk assessments. You need to carefully evaluate the unique vulnerabilities and potential hazards posed to each property.

Some key areas to analyze include:

  • Access points like entryways, windows, loading docks
  • Existing security systems’ coverage and functionality
  • Opportunities for unauthorized access or hiding places
  • Past incident reports of crimes committed

Frequently inspecting properties allows you to identify lapses and strategically target resources. Regular audits by security consultants can also diagnose weaknesses difficult for untrained eyes to spot.

Utilize Modern Surveillance and Access Control

Leveraging surveillance technology offers invaluable protection for commercial facilities. High-resolution security cameras equipped with motion sensors provide monitoring capabilities covering inside spaces and external grounds. Positioning cameras strategically near entry points or high-value assets can especially deter potential thieves from realizing they’ll be recorded.

Restrict access with layered credentials required for staff and visitors to enter more sensitive areas. Modern options include keycard access controls, numeric passcodes, or biometric authentication with fingerprint or facial recognition. These create essential barriers limiting access to properly authorized individuals only within office spaces, storage rooms, or equipment areas.

Monitoring cameras and controlling access from mobile devices allows swift response capabilities to evolving situations in real-time.

Prepare Emergency Action Plans

While prevention is ideal, it’s also essential to thoroughly prepare for diverse emergency scenarios. Natural disasters, fire exit for safety, accidents, or injuries could occur despite security systems in place. Response plans detailing evacuation routes, meeting points, contact information, assigned staff roles, and emergency equipment locations need development.

Practice readiness by conducting evacuation drills with employees to test readiness. Assess opportunities for improvement and provide additional staff training around protocols as needed.

Adopt Physical Protective Measures

Alongside digital tools, physical reinforcements add formidable barriers to protecting people and assets. Security window film, laminated or ballistic glass strengthens vulnerable windows. Commercial steel doors and safe rooms offer high levels of forced entry protection during incidents. Strategically placed bollards, barricades, and perimeter fencing also restrict vehicular access near buildings. Warning signage promotes general deterrence announcing surveillance systems and swift response protocols upon detection of unauthorized activities.

Stay Updated on Advances in Safety Technologies

Finally, the most effective property owners stay continually engaged with emerging safety and security technologies. Attend industry conferences, continually educate yourself, and evaluate new equipment options as they develop.

AI analytics, integrated smart property management platforms, mobile-controlled networks, remote sensor monitoring devices, and more offer capabilities unheard of even 5 years ago. Adopt innovations providing superior protection, more cohesive systems, and actionable insights to remain a leader emphasizing safety.

With a proactive approach to assessing risks, installing preventative measures, preparing emergency plans, and upgrading tools, you can protect your property investments while promoting safe, secure environments attracting premium tenants. Don’t hesitate to utilize my over 18 years of commercial real estate expertise if you need guidance implementing comprehensive safety strategies across your locations.

Commercial Property Safety Measures

Leveraging Professional Security Services

While digital surveillance systems and access controls offer immense value in protecting facilities, professionally trained security personnel provide irreplaceable safeguarding of both properties and occupants. As threats persist in evolving in today’s complex world, specialized support responding swiftly and competently can prove indispensable.

Ensuring the Safety of Property Owners and Tenants

Stationing dedicated security officers capable of responding rapidly allows commercial owners and managers a heightened ability to protect their vulnerable investments. With personnel actively monitoring for suspicious individuals and conducting routine perimeter checks, unauthorized activities get recognized quicker to enable intervention preventing escalation.

Tenants also benefit from visible security presences, especially within lobby and parking areas, creating perceptions of safety. Officers can provide personal escorts to vehicles late at night or when requested. Knowing professional support stands ready to provide emergency assistance reduces fears that often diminish productivity.

Professional Security Personnel for Building Security

Seeking direct partnerships with professional third-party security firms allows property managers the ability to strategically supplement digital surveillance capabilities within their locations. Contracting officially licensed and insured providers ensures that properly vetted, trained and experienced officers are secured.

Requiring robust screening assessments during hiring filters potential liabilities. Mandating continual training around de-escalation, emergency response protocols, occupant safety drills, and tactical building protection enables optimal performance during incidents.

Investing in Professional Security Services

Budgets often represent the primary barrier for owners contemplating hiring dedicated officers or patrols across their property portfolios. Yet perspectives shift dramatically upon tallying the immense costs that stem from single devastating incidents of violence, theft, or vandalism.

Professional officers possess the competence to proactively intervene in brewing situations before catastrophic damages or liability legal nightmares arise. Tenants gravitate towards spaces boasting enhanced safety measures also, warranting premium lease rates over competing properties lacking appropriate protection.

Customized Security Plans for Commercial Properties

Experienced security partners develop customized operation plans aligning services with the unique needs and risk profiles posed at each property. Careful facility assessments identify prime locations for stationing on-site officers or guards. Develop schedules conducting routine perimeter checks or patrols supplementing digital systems.

Implement procedures integrating personnel with wider monitoring networks. Formalize communication channels between officers, property managers, and local authorities expediting emergency response mobilization. Clarify ongoing evaluation processes ensuring optimal performance.

Collaboration with Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Encourage contracted security partners to actively foster positive working relationships with local police departments and emergency responders. Arrange meetings allowing exchanges around common site vulnerabilities, peak seasonal crime trends, and preferred joint response plans during major incidents.

Taking these steps to embrace professional security services allows commercial property owners to provide exceptional protection of their investments and safe environments where tenants thrive. Don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss implementing tailored site security plans to meet your unique risk profiles and budgets. My team brings decades of combined experience partnering with reputable providers offering licensed, insured personnel.

Commercial Property Safety Measures


What are some key elements of an effective commercial building security plan?

An effective security plan should include conducting risk assessments, installing surveillance/access control systems, establishing emergency protocols, implementing physical barriers, providing ongoing staff training, and staying updated with technological advancements.

What technology is most essential for business property safety nowadays?

Some of today’s most valuable technologies include high-resolution security cameras with motion sensors, electronic access control systems such as keycard readers, integrated smart property management platforms, and remote monitoring capabilities that allow swift responses.

What physical security measures should all commercial locations have in place?

Commercial spaces should all have reinforced entry points, security window films or laminated glass, strategically placed bollards/barricades, warning signage, safe rooms, adequate lighting, and routine landscaping maintenance to eliminate hiding spots.

How can commercial property managers best promote occupant safety?

Managers should establish emergency plans, conduct preparedness drills, provide tenant training, ensure functioning alarm systems, require contractor screenings, maintain lighting/landscaping, coordinate community watch groups, and foster open dialogue around addressing concerns.

Are security guards necessary for low-risk commercial locations?

Not necessarily mandatory, but periodic patrols, especially at night, by either dedicated security personnel or local law enforcement can provide additional monitoring and quicker responses if issues arise. Their visibility also deters potential criminals.

How can a lack of security impact a commercial property?

Lack of security can impact a commercial property by increasing the risk of unauthorized access, and property damage, and compromising the safety of occupants and valuable assets.

How can I protect my commercial property from security threats?

You can protect your commercial property from security threats by implementing access control measures, investing in security systems, and ensuring adequate lighting around the property.


There are immense benefits both financial and ethical behind making safety a top priority for your property. Mitigate risks upfront by taking proactive prevention measures, while also preparing emergency protocols in case incidents ever arise. As threats, technologies, and best practices evolve, be sure to continually reassess strategies.

If you need assistance creating comprehensive plans securing your commercial investments against both internal and external threats, please reach out to schedule a consultation. With over 18 years of expertise, I can assess your existing vulnerabilities and present tailored recommendations fitting your risk profile and budget. Investing in protection now saves immense hardship down the road. Let’s connect to discuss the next steps for your property.

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