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Warehouse Relocation: Things You Must Know Before Moving

Warehouse Relocation

The national warehouse vacancy rate has reached a historic low of 3.6%, according to recent statistics from CBRE, an American provider of commercial real estate services and investments. That means a lot of businesses are on to Warehouse relocation! In…

Cold Storage Warehousing [Your Complete Guide]

Cold Storage Warehousing 3

In 2021, the market size for cold storage in the United States was evaluated at USD 30.26 billion and is projected to reach USD 33.08 billion this 2022. Cold storage warehouses are an essential part of the food supply chain,…

12 Important Tips on Renting Cannabis Warehouse

Renting Cannabis Warehouse

In 2020, sales in America increased by 67% from the previous year, and support for legal recreational cannabis hit an all-time high of 68%! With more states legalizing both medical and recreational use, demand for cannabis is expected to continue…

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