Heritage Housing Partners

Client’s Situation

Heritage Housing Partners based in Pasadena develops and sells affordable residential homes for low-to-moderate-income, first-time home buyers. In partnership with various local housing departments, nonprofit organizations, and state agencies, HHP is a one-stop-shop service housing provider for families throughout SoCal communities. Looking for the next big housing project to develop, HHP desired to purchase a sizable parcel of land in Pasadena. Named “Decker Court,” a nine-unit affordable homeownership development project, HHP’s vision was to rehab a historical Queen Anne-style home, converting it into duplex units, alongside newly constructed seven residential homes, combining classical architectural style with a modern build.

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What We Did

We helped Heritage Housing Partners purchase an 18,494 square foot multifamily residential parcel of land located in the area of North Fair Oaks Boulevard in Pasadena. Negotiated the best sales purchase offer, facilitated six-month lengthy contingency removal, minimizing zoning and environmental risks, acted as a liaison between developer and senior management of Pasadena Housing Department, and managed the entire sales transactional process in conjunction with project’s development timeframes.

Services We Provided

  • Needs Assessment
  • Property Search & Site Selection
  • Transaction Negotiation
  • Transaction Execution
  • Contingency Removal
  • Close
  • Periodically Follow-Up

The Outcome

We reduced the complexity, sophistication, and time constraints within the sales transaction process, making it simpler and easier to transition from purchaser to property development to the housing provider. We satisfied all customer service expectations.

Property Location

608 N. Fair Oaks Ave., #126
Pasadena, CA 91103

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